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Art Deco Feather Wall Panels
  • Art Deco Feather Wall Panels

    These Feathers come Natural, Stained or Painted. Each is individually cut and is available in a variety of Colors and Shades or you can hand paint, spray paint, decoupage, mod podge or apply any other type of surface treatment to the Piece.


    Double sided foam mounting tape works great. Hot gluing ribbon to the back and then hang it on a nail. You can use dots of hot glue on the back of the letter and adhere it directly to the surface you are hanging it on.
    For the larger letters: it is good to use liquid nails if you want to permanently attach it to a surface. Or, you can also use sawtooth hanging hardware that can be found at any local hardware store. Or for a simpler approach we personally use Command Strips.

    If you chose Painted Custom please add color in notes.

      PriceFrom $45.00
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